A Screen House Shelter and 3 Teenage Girls

Dad wanted us to “camp” in the backyard as I had been doing for several years. But we were teenagers now and wanted to be away from home for our great Screen House experience. So we loaded all our gear into his truck and off we went. We went right to the big tree by the pond in my uncle’s cow pasture, thirty miles from home.

No, we don’t need any help putting up the Screen House. We’ll see you in 4 days and waved good-bye. Then the fun began, as we carefully used our small shovel and hands to clear the raised area under the tree of ‘cow pies’, sticks and stones. When it was nice and clean and as smooth as we could get it we spread the Shelter floor. First job done girls, this should only take about 15 minutes to finish. Yeah!

Then it went something like this:

Judy: “Do we stake it down now or wait?”

Phyllis: “Wait til we get the Screen House laid out… There if you’ll grab that corner, Ethel and Judy that one we’ll have it nice and even,,,,,Good. Now the poles, slide them through the loops on the outside at each corner like this… Great job girls.”

Ethel: “Now how do we get it standing up and fastened down?”

Phyllis: “Carefully unzip and open the door… Here, move the back wall out of the way and you two each take a side and stand the poles up while I fasten the guy lines… Judy, watch it! You’re leaning to far back… Watch out! It’s coming down!”

Ethel: “Help! Get me out of here. This thing is heavy!”

Judy: “There you go. You okay? I don’t think we are strong enough to lift it. Let’s go get your uncle.”

Phyllis: “No! We can do it, just think a minute. We can’t admit defeat. Think of the guys back home laughing at us.”

Deep thought by all.

Ethel: “Got it! Where’s that spare piece of rope we brought? You can throw it over that big limb up there and we’ll pull it up while you tie it down. OK?”

Judy: “Hey, great idea Brains. Lets go. We’re wasting time.”

I coil and throw the rope at the limb several times, as we giggle and laugh at my efforts.

Phyllis: “There only 5 tries to get it over. Quit laughing or next time you can do the rope toss. Now pull… it’s moving.. Wait, we forgot the stakes and guy lines,. Let it down a little and tie it around the tree… That’s good.. Where’s the hammer?”

Ethel: “Don’t tell me we forgot it.”

Judy: “Okay I won’t, cause I tripped over it a minute ago. Here it is. Oh, Phyl you got the guy lines all hooked up to the poles. Good. Here’s the hammer.”

Phyllis: “You take a breather while I get these stakes in. We’re almost done I think… There, that’s done. Now for the lines to hold it up. Pull.. Pull..Tie off… And all the lines are staked and tied. We can put the doors up for Awnings tomorrow.”

Judy: “Let’s get our things inside before those cows over there get curious. Then we can take a short nap and fix hot dogs for supper. We won’t catch many fish with the cows in the pond.”

Ethel: “Oh good my favorite supper after a 4 plus hour, 15 minute job. Oh look, here comes your uncle. Is he laughing at our odd shaped Shelter? Well it’s good enough for me.”

Phyllis: “Well, let’s get that nap. He’s just after the cows to milk. Then we can eat. Later we can watch the stars through the Screen House screen roof and maybe wish on a falling star before bed.”

Camping With the Right Batteries Is Important

While you may wish to go camping in order to get back to nature, you want some of the perks of home. One of them may be electricity. Not all camping areas have electrical hook-ups. Camping with the right batteries though can help you get results. Caravan batteries allow you to collect solar power during the day. You can use that electricity any time, including at night.

Stored up Power

During the daylight hours, these products are able to store up more power than you use at that point in time. When it gets dark, you can rely on that energy to be readily available. If the weather is adverse, you may need to use stored up energy from previous days. This can help you to enjoy your camping to the fullest.

You are going to be amazed at how much power caravan batteries are able to store. You can count on them during emergencies, at night, and when there isn’t the right conditions for you to obtain solar energy at that time.

This is a great investment for anyone that goes camping. In fact, you may find you like going camping more than ever before with this type of device in place. It can give you some of the perks of home while allowing you the opportunity to get away from it all! You don’t have to give up one to have the other.

Ask Questions

Before you buy such a device, ask lots of questions. Make sure you think about the capacity you need. If you travel often in your caravan, you need one that stores quite a bit of energy. If you have several people that travel with you, that means more energy consumption. Make sure the product you get can keep up with your demands for it.

Learn about how to take care of such a product and how to install it. You may be better off asking a professional contractor to install it and test it out for you. This can be a tough do it yourself project. It will take less time for someone with expertise in this area to get the job done.


With caravan batteries, you can have a safer way to get the power you desire. Many other light sources including kerosene lamps and propane lanterns can be dangerous. They can get very hot and result in skin burns. There is also the risk of a fire occurring with such products. Candles and matches are never a good option for lighting when you are camping.

With caravan batteries, you can have the lighting you desire without any risk of injuries or a fire. This is more than just convenient, it is also the responsible way to enjoy the wilderness and reducing the footprints you leave in such a habitat. You don’t want to create problems that could destroy the area or compromise the future for the creatures living there.

Easy to Use

Caravan batteries are easy to install and very easy to use. In fact, once you have them in place the rest is all automated for you. Spend some time looking at the choices out there so you get exactly what you need. Take your electricity volume needs and your budget into consideration.

You also want to shop around for well made products. Don’t get in a bind out there camping because you didn’t get one of the best caravan batteries offered. Do your research to find out what other consumers think about products. You also want to look at the warranty information and installation details.

How To Find Great Cabin Rentals In Texas (And Other Tips For Your Camping Trip)

In order to start your own Lone Star State journey, it’s important to know how to navigate cabin rentals in Texas. Camping out, for many people, still has its foot in the past with the pitched triangular tents, coffee you can chew, and sleeping on the ground with only a sleeping bag separating you from the dirt.

Today’s cabin rentals provide a camping experience that feels more like home, with amenities that previous campers would never have imagined. So, as you begin planning your own camping getaway, here are a few ways of choosing the cabin that is right for you, as well as a few other tips to have a great camping trip:

1. Know What You Want Before You Start Planning – Much the same way you’d plan a vacation, you need to assess what it is you want from your cabin rental. Do you need kitchen facilities? Is it important to have certain access to a nearby river such as the Nueces, Sabinal, or Frio River? You’ll find it easier to find what you need in a cabin rental by mapping out what you need prior to your trip.

2. Check with the Locals – This day and age is marked by tremendous access to information. Many city/county websites, such as that for Uvalde County, Texas, provide a wealth of information regarding cabin rentals, as well as provide comprehensive lists of their amenities & contact information for these facilities. Don’t be afraid of picking up the phone as sometimes information on a website can be in need of updating. This way, you can be sure things are clear.

3. Check the Weather – Nothing will spoil a camping trip, regardless of how nice the lodging is, than unexpected weather conditions. Use access to the Internet to check on weather conditions in the area you planned on camping out in, and check local weather information for a more detailed look at what to expect. Sometimes local websites from the camp ground & city chamber of commerce have this information readily available.

4. Know Your Gear – It can be a lot of fun to go and buy great equipment for your camping trip, but if you don’t know how to use it, you could be in a for long trip. Give yourself some time to know how your gear works before you leave. Otherwise, you may end up spending time with owner’s manuals rather than having fun.

5. Think Safety – When packing, think about safety in terms of the basics. A good first aid kit is always good to have nearby. If you plan on being near a campfire, be sure to have a small fire extinguisher handy. For possible bigger emergencies, keep a list of medications, allergies, and other helpful medical information on you. Destinations such as Garner State Park in Concan, TX have part of their website dedicated to other safety information which is worth the view.

Finding a great cabin rental in Texas and having a successful camping trip is a lot easier than you would think. While Texas is a big state, planning to see its natural beauty doesn’t have to be a big chore. With a little common sense and a willingness to do some research, you’ll be well on your way to a great Lone Star adventure.